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                                               Let us help you discover the Artist in you!

We provide all supplies and step by step instructions as well as guidance support and tons of fun to your event.  

You bring an open mind and a willing heart and be ready to have the time of your life while creating your own work of art. 



Events & Private Lessons


Amazing time. Amazing teacher. I never liked my own stuff. Tonight, I loved my painting. 


- Ursula Iturrino-Claytor



Took my 3 kids, 7,9 &10, to Ella's amazing class. They loved it! This is what I heard on my way home: "I didn't know I could do that!"

Pretty cool stuff when your kids realize what they are capable of at the hands of a great teacher. Thank you Ella, we can't wait to book a private party! 

-Tricia P.


Another amazing mural from Ella! Very precise lines (even on our textured wall), done quickly, efficiently and for great price!

- Marina Sala





Group Lessons

Choose the painting you would like to paint.

Provide us with the date and number of particapants.

Group lessons are offered for kids and adults.

Fees may vary on the type of painting 2 vs 3 hour lesson.

Private Lessons

Choose the painting from the gallery or give us an idea of what you would like to paint. 




Face Paintings

Face paintings are offered to kids or any individual single face painting.



Indoor and out door murals are offered, as well as any restorative work on existing murals and furniture

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